Communique Headquarters Interior Design (Complete)

The interior design of Communique Headquarters was done with employee productivity and wellbeing in mind. Biophilia elements are integrated directly into the bookshelves, using air-purifying spathiphyllum lilies. The colour scheme was selected to allow focus in the work areas and to relax the eyes with darker tones in the toilets and the stair core. The basement conference rooms were considered like a gallery space with simple tones and art on the walls. The building was designed for maximising fresh air for the workers, with custom designed lamps that change colour to tell the employees to open the windows, and the operable glazing oriented in different directions to catch the wind. Omitting the dropped ceiling increased the air volume in the space by 12%, and the sizing of the windows increases lower in the building, reducing glare at the top and filling it with light at lower levels. Post-occupancy surveys showed extremely high satisfaction levels with the light quality in the space.