Our Work Ethos

DaeWha Kang Collaborations

DaeWha Kang Design is built around an ethos of beauty, innovation, and wisdom. Design as a discipline should bring more beauty into our buildings and our cities. By dedicating ourselves to innovation we ensure that we are always inspired and always fresh. We use technology to achieve more with less effort, and to create something truly new for our clients and collaborators. Wisdom underlies our dedication to sustainable design and human well-being. We believe in long-term thinking, and encourage our clients to share our conviction that long-term thinking leads to better design and more value.

The studio provides services in architecture, interior design, product design, and public space design. We are happy to work as lead consultant, or as sub-consultant to local firms.

The studio is known for its design concepts and aesthetics, but is also deeply committed to the execution of these concepts in practice. To make wise choices that can lead us to innovative and beautiful designs, we work closely with world-class experts who specialise in disciplines ranging from engineering and construction to landscape design and sustainability benchmarking. Our way of working is collaborative, and we pride ourselves in creating a positive atmosphere that encourages all experts to contribute their best.